Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Craftbox

When we lived in the other house, I had a small room all to myself for scrapbooking. It was great, when both girls napped together at the same time. Then Bella stopped napping, or Gracie wouldn't nap at the same time as Bella. Then on the weekends, I would feel guilty for locking myself in my room for hours. So when we bought this place, I decided that I needed a scrapbox, from the original scrapbox people. That way I can work while watching the girls and spending time with my family. When Jonathan saw the price tag he said, "no." After a lot of whining and other behaviors that I don't want to disclose here, he gave in and said yes to the smaller one, the craftbox.


So here it is. I still have some stuff to put in it. And I need to move somethings around. But it is for the most part together. Now to find time to use it. (oh and sorry about the poor lighting, not a good spot for pictures. Need to fix that.

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