Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Kitchen Project

We bought a house in October that had a seriously outdated kitchen. It was basically the original kitchen from when the house was built in 1954. So we had to redo it. It took about 5 weeks or so but it is finally finished. The pictures below show the entire process and what it looks like now.

the original kitchen

the demolition

the dry wall is up

cabinets but no granite

And the finished project- the space to the right is the dining room and to the left a sunroom/breakfast nook


  1. It is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

  2. The cabinets in the original pic look simlar to the ones we have at our lake house that we are re-doing. However I think I'm just going to sand those down and paint them. I love you new kitchen. It's very cozy and welcoming. Congratulations.

  3. Very nice! I would love to have your new kitchen. Are you officially ALL moved in then?


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