Monday, January 30, 2012

My Sensory Seeker

My youngest daughter Gracie is a handful.  I have known it forever.  She was not an easy baby, or toddler.  Now I know why.  She has a sensory integration disorder.  She is what they like to call a "sensory seeker."  She craves messes, heights, spinning, etc.  She has a hard time sitting still and likes to flip upside down.  Many people think she a daredevil or a troublemaker or maybe a disruptive little child.  And maybe partly she is, but what we now know is that she can't really help it.  Her brain is wired in a different way.  We are going to be working we a resource teacher and an OT to help make her life a little easier. 

As a scrapbooker I like to work though my emotions on a page.  So here is the page I made about all of this.  I wanted to use pictures that really show a side of her and I wanted a lot of room to journal. So it is a two-pager.

I used the yummy Valentine's paper from We R Memory Keepers.

So there you have it. 


  1. Beautiful page Anazelia! Your view on your daughters special personality is great. I had never heard of this disorder before. I can imagine that it must be extremely tough at times... especially when others don't understand. Your outlook and opinion on it will shape your daughter into a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing!

  2. beautiful page and I know you will get it all figured out.

  3. You so captured her joy in these pictures girl!!! My son is like this. I've found that he loves when I lay on him completely covering his body; legs on legs, chest on chest. He loves the sensory feeling of a full body hug w/ all the pressure. I bet your girl does too :)


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