Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my gund bear

I decided to take a break from DT work today and do a layout for just fun. Scrapbook Challenges, has a "no people, no pet" challenge going on. ACOT has a journaling challenge dealing with a favorite gift. As I was laying in bed last night, thinking about everything, it occurred to me that I could combine the two challenges easily, with my gund bear. So I had a little photo shoot with him this afternoon and got to work.

Journaling is tucked away but reads, "I was very sick as a child and was in and out of hospitals for surgeries. On the way to the hospital for a surgery we stopped at Kaufmann's in Charleston. I saw this Gund bear and wanted him so bad. But dad said no and that was that. But when I woke up from surgery Dad had gone back and bought it for me. That was 30 some odd years ago and Gund is still will me. He isn't in the best condition, his nose is falling off, his fur is filthy, but he is mine and I love him." So here it is,

All items on here, minus the jewels, is from sassafrass lass.

As an aside too all of this I was thinking about how this gift was such a big deal to me that I can remember the details of the day after all this time. I am going to ask my dad about what he remembers (he is on a cruise ship sailing from Rio de Janerio in Brazil to the states at the moment.) I wonder what he remembers about it. Now that I am a parent, I could see not necessarily remembering it. I mean his young child was getting ready to be put under and operated on, his thoughts were probably elsewhere. But me, the kid, doesn't remember being scared or worried, just wanting that bear and then getting it.


  1. What a lovely layout. Thank you for sharing the wonderful story behind it.

  2. what a neat layout! Isnt it funny as children how we hold such attachments to objects that we have just met. sweet story, love the colors you used!


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