Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cards for Lennon

My bloggie (is that a word?) friend Denise posted about a sweet little boy battling cancer. They are asking for cards to be sent to him and I am NOT a card maker, but will attempt this. If you are a card maker or even if you are not, spread the word.

Here is a link to more information about Lennon, from his nana's blog. And here is a little exert,

Lennon's mom Amanda said, "wherever the action is, that's where 3-year-old Lennon will be. Running around outside, playing video games and pretending to be his favorite super hero. He's always laughing, running around giving the nurses a hard time you would never know he was sick." But Lennon is a sick little boy.

Lennon now has multiple tumors on his brain and spine. He will have to begin the fight all over again. Now Lennon's single mother said her only son has a 20-percent chance of survival but they're not giving up.

So pop over too Denise blog or his nana's blog and do a good deed today.


(PS Denise is giving away blog candy too.)


  1. Thanks cool bloggie friend of mine :) You are a sweetheart.

  2. how nice of you to post about Karen's grandbaby. Its so sad!


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