Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Guy

The song this week at Scrap it with a Song is "My Guy."  I decided to do a layout on my kitty boy, Oscar Leroy Brown.  AKA Oscar.  AKA "Mean Kitty".  AKA "Bad Bad Leroy Brown."  As you can see, he is a cat of many names.

Back in the day, when I was in graduate school I worked with the humane society trapping feral cats.  There was a colony that lived near some dumpsters where I had an apartment.  Oscar was the second cat I trapped.  (The first was a lovely and very tame tortoiseshell kitty who my friend found a home for.)     Basically what I would do is set the trap at night, catch the cats, bring them into my very very small apartment with my two cats.  The trapped cats would stay in the cage in the bathroom until I took them to the vet the next morning to get fixed.    Then they would recouperate in my bathroom- in a carrier at this point, until they could be released back to their colony.
Anyway, I ended up keeping Oscar.  He was semi-tame and he was so little.  It took him days to calm down and let us become friends. I will never forget when he did.  He stuck his little paw out and squeaked.  (Most people do not realize that wild or feral cats do not meow, meowing is typically something cats do to people. And that being said, he has just now started meowing, and he has been with me nearly 10 years.)   So I let him out of the carrier and I got in the shower.  He actually got in the shower with me.  I held him and washed him and he just loved it. 

Later that day I took him to the vet and they could not believe that he was feral.  But he was and every once in a while you can still see it in him.   (And that is why he is known to Bella as "mean kitty.)

So here is my layout- sorry for the lesson on feral kitties.

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  1. pretty L/O,beautiful cat!!
    Have a nice day!!

  2. GORGEOUS LO...and I love the story behind it :)

  3. Beautiful picture, have a nice day Radka :).


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