Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ever had one of those weeks?

Where it just doesn't seem to end? And when it does, it brings no relief? I have had one of those weeks. My youngest- almost two- has been waking up A LOT at night. Some nights it has been 6 or 7 times. Which, inevitably, means that I wake up. So I have been exhausted all week. My creativity has been at an all time low. So, I haven't updated much, as there hasn't been much work to show.

I did manage to do this one page and I can honestly say, that I am not a big fan of it. It just didn't turn out the way I wanted and I will most likely take new pictures of her in her shoes and try again at the page.

I also did my first two DT pages. But they can't be shown yet. Come back tomorrow for my first reveal.

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