Friday, February 26, 2010

sunshine award

I have recently become virtual friends with a wonderful person, her name is Jackie. She such a talented scrapper and is so friendly and nice. She awarded me a Sunshine Award and I so touched that out of the six people she could select that she choose me as one of them. Thank you Jackie.

So now it is my turn to pass on the Sunshine Award to 6 scrappy people. I am going to break ranks and pick one person- who is a scrapper- but her [non scrapping] blog is so inspirational and amazing, that I have to include it.

So to start off, I want to send one to Leighann at Living With Three Hobbits and A Giant. This is the blog I was mentioning. Leighann has always intimidated me. From the first time I met her to pretty much every time I see her. She is the mom I want to be. She has so much faith that she has made me question my lack of faith and made me reevaluate my views on religion and its place in my life. If you haven't read this blog and the story of their miracle son Ryan, please do so now. I promise you that you won't be disappointed. But I can't promise you won't cry

Now on to some scrappy Sunshine Award recipients

- I have "known" Megan for a few years now. She was on the very first scrapbooking board I ever joined. At that board I participated in a baggie swap and Megan sent me some high quality paper- Basic Grey- I think and it changed my life. She is by far one of my scrappy idols and I LOVE her work.

- If you haven't seen Keely Yowler's work then you really should check it out. She is amazing. Truly, I love looking at her work, it is so inspirational.

- Next is Kim Holmes, from Dixie Pieces. Her blog is so fun and her work is amazing.

- Mia is a new scrapper. She posted at the Every Day Scrapper she has only been scrapbooking for a year. Which totally blows my mind. Her work is so great and she is such a sweet person. One of those people you can just tell you would have fun with.

- Lastly, is Tammy. Another scrapper from Dixie Pieces. She is so nice and her work is stunning. The things she can do with flowers and glitz totally blows my mind.

So there you have it. I hope I have introduced you to some new blogs.

~ Ana


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments and for the award!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! How fun!

  3. Thank you SO much, Anazelia! I'm truly honored. Love your blog. You've made my day :)


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