Thursday, July 8, 2010

xoxo challenge- I love you 18

Well it is time again for another XOXO girls challenge. Remember this is a scraplift challenge, and there are 25 xoxo girls, so one of them should inspire you. And you can enter as many times as you want. This month the winner will receive a prize package from Lucky Girl Crafts. For official rules and details check the main blog.

So here is my page,

So, this is a page I have wanted to do for a while. Not necessarily with this photo, but with this title. I took the picture SO I could do the page, but I may do it again, with a better picture. AND I actaully went back and changed two things about this page, but never re-took the picture and posted it for the challenge. OOPS. I fixed the stitching and the "love" on the heart.

Anyway, about this page. My oldest, Bella, is very affectionate. We are always saying "I love you" in this house. And she stated asking me how much I love her. So I will say I love you a billion. And being the sweety that she is, she will say, "well I love you 18." Or some other number. She doesn't realize how much 18 is or its relationship to a billion. But she is learning her number and she knows 18 is higher than say 7.
And it doesn't matter, really 18 or a billion, I just love her more than words can say or numbers can judge.


  1. such a sweet LO! I love the story that goes with it!


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